Promo Bulan Ini

Nasi Goreng Buntut Balado

SPicing up the day with a fiery twist Nasi Goreng Buntut Balado : where flavours collide in an exotic fusion of Indonesian zest and comfort

Rp. 76.000

Dates Roasted Milk Tea

Indulge in the rich, smoky allure of dates roasted milk tea. A tempting fusion of tradition in modern taste

Rp. 38.000

Pisang Gapit Saus Kinca

A delightful combination between traditional taste of pisang gapit and tempting sweetness of Saos Kinca

Rp. 40.000

Milky Red Banana

Savor the creamy delight of Milky Red Banana - a sweet twist on a classic favorite, inspired by famous Ramadhan dessert : pisang ijo

Rp. 40.000


Breakfast for 2 pax, Room Decoration, Slice Cake, Discount F&B 10%, Discount SPA 25%, Access to Swimming Pool, Fitness Center & SPA

Rp. 1.098.000

Bebek Goreng Pedas

Indulge in the bold and fiery flavours of our spicy fried duck. Paired harmoniously with steamed rice and a side of crisp, stir fried vegetables, creating a symphony of taste on your palate

Rp. 108.000

Coffee Klepon

Satisfy your cravings with our Coffee Klepon, featuring the perfect blend of coffee, brown sugar, white milk and a hint of coconut. Served with a delightful of mochi ice cream on top

Rp. 40.000

La Luna de Amore

Romantic dinner specially served for two

Rp. 278.000


Menu baru dari Laluna Bistro, Mix Combo Laluna paket lengkap untuk hangout bareng teman-teman, terdiri dari; Sosis, Nugget, French Fries, Onion Ring, Chix Wing, Chicken Drumstik, Toast Breads, dan Fish Chips.

Rp. 145.200


The best and biggest burger in the town!

Rp. 188.000



Rp. 44.000

Kids Cooking Class

Educative and fun activities for Kids | inclusive: Cooking class with 2 kinds of menu, Apron & Chef Hat, Certificate & Minimum for 10 pax | for information & reservation: Yemima: 0821 5720 5141 / Iwen: 0853 4615 7060 / Hamid: 0812 5817 7559

Rp. 121.000

Social Delight

Free usage Karaoke, Table decoration, Free Flow Juice Consentrate / Iced Tea, Venue at Santan Restaurant/La LUNA Bistro/Borneo Sky Lounge, Minimum 20pax

Rp. 128.000

Basket of Happiness

Embrace the spirit of giving and the blessings of Ramadan with our thoughtfully curated Basket of Happiness, filled with love, joy, and essentials for the holy month ahead

Rp. 238.000

Halal Bihalal Package

Celebrate Idul Fitri with beloved families, colleagues or relatives with sensational ramadan vibes and dishes

Rp. 158.000

Idul Fitri Room Package

Spend the rest of Idul Fitri with qualities. Let yourself surrounded by the vibes that makes your stay be memorable

Rp. 688.000